Ahoy mateys! 

Welcome aboard the good ship Kiama! We get together during school terms on Wednesdays 7:45-9:00pm at the Kiama Inn (Tory's Pub).


We are excited to have Kiama Sea Shanty Club T-shirts for sale! The cost is $25 per T-shirt which includes the cost of the artwork. Deirdre and Ian will collect cash after shantys on Wednesday nights, please provide the exact amount to save us doing change.

Acknowledgement of Country

Kiama Shanty Club meet on the land of the Wodi Wodi people, the traditional owners and custodians of this beautiful

land. On behalf of all club members I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay my

respects to the Elders of the Wodi Wodi people of the past in the present and those that are emerging.

The Wodi Wodi people have met and sung their songs in this place for tens of thousands of years in the spirit of shared

community and connection with and responsibility to this land.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to celebrate and sing the songs of the sea and keep them alive for the next generation. These songs are

connected to the sailors of the oceans from many different cultures over many centuries. They are songs usually

connected with the work that sailors did on board the ships which they sailed or some other element of sea faring life.

The history of the culture of the ships and seamen and exploration and trade routes of the seas is fascinating and we will

include stories and explanations of songs in context where possible. We may include other working songs and some

others that vary from the genre of sea shanties simply because there are other wonderful songs that we love to sing at


As members of Kiama Shanty Club we acknowledge that some of the songs that we will sing come from the era of the

colonization of this land and are for the most part eurocentric. Let us as a group make it clear that in no way are we

celebrating the colonization of these lands, nor the effects that colonization has had on the Wodi Wodi people or First

Nations peoples in other parts the world. We just want to sing the songs of the sea which are part of our collective


We are an inclusive organization and we welcome all people regardless of their gender, religious beliefs, ethnicity,

sexuality or age. There are no minimum levels of ability or performance considerations either. We encourage everyone

to have a go and just have fun.

We recognize the importance of understanding that often the language used in previous eras such as references to

enslaved peoples and patriarchal references to women may be deemed to be offensive in present times. For these

reasons some shanty lyrics will be modified to avoid offence. Members are encouraged to point out any source of

offence and we can change our lyrics where necessary.

Venue - We are fortunate that Tories Pub ( The Kiama Inn Hotel ) has embraced us and allow us to perform there

regularly. We meet every Wednesday during school term at 7.45pm and have time off during school holidays.

Aaaaargh lets get on with it and sing our lungs out….

Ian Backhouse